The Year of EvangelismThe Year of Evangelism

5 Percent The number of believers who share about their relationship with God.

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"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; He is to be feared above all gods."
Psalm 96: 3-4

CCU's Year of Evangelism reportFor the first time in its 97-year history, Colorado Christian University defined an academic year theme; 2010-2011 was proclaimed the “Year of Evangelism.” Though CCU has been engaged in evangelism efforts for years, this year evangelism became a comprehensive part of campus life. Fires were lit in the hearts of students, faculty, and staff to intentionally share their relationship with Jesus in their spheres of influence.

As an educational institution and a community of believers, we examined areas that encouraged, uplifted, trained, and prepared us for a life committed to deepening our relationship with Christ and sharing our faith with others – a vital part of a maturing Christian’s walk with Christ. President Bill Armstrong related the vision: “We will call every student, faculty, and staff member to share their faith and equip them to do so.”

Churches and ministries around Colorado were invited to join us in this venture, and to share the vision of what could happen if the body of Christ across Colorado was equipped with practical skills and the heart to share their faith. Meetings with pastors and ministries raised the temperature of evangelism. Church leaders were challenged to capture the vision to give every person in Colorado an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

As a result, several hundred churches and nearly 1000 church leaders joined CCU in this venture. Leaders were equipped and challenged to launch their own congregations in intentional evangelism. Some churches joined CCU in focusing on evangelism for an entire year; some for one weekend. What an intentional focus on evangelism looked like was unique to each ministry.

Year of Evangelism Objectives:
• To inspire every member of the CCU faculty and staff to become effective evangelists, and in turn, teach students to have evangelism as a foundational part of their Christian journey;
• To train effectively each member of the CCU community in the strategies and biblical
foundations of evangelism;
• To highlight the need for evangelism around the world, locally, and in the day-to-day journey of a Christian’s walk;
• To help solidify the areas of evangelism for which each CCU community member has a gift, passion, and affinity.

Read more about CCU's Year of Evangelism in the attached report.